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Dr. Daimis Vazquez

Dr. Daimis Vazquez


Dr. Daimis Vazquez Rosabal

To Provide Comprehensive Quality Care

Dr. Daimis Vazquez Rosabal graduated as a Doctor of Medicine from the University of Havana in
1998. In December of 2002 she earned her diploma in Family Medicine Specialty from the University of
Havana. With 22 years of experience, Dr. Vazquez has approached her passion for medicine with respect
and served the community greatly.
After immigrating to the USA, Dr. Vazquez completed the requirement from USMLE (United States
Medical Examination) to obtain her Medical Degree. In 2013 she departed to Puerto Rico for an
Internship at San Gerardo Hospital. This internship lasted a year and helped Dr. Vazquez to obtain more
insight into the community that she was serving while preparing her for a residency in Family Medicine.
In recent years, Dr. Vazquez has been combining her love for primary care and aesthetics to nurture
another passion of hers: helping others to look and feel their best. She has since then completed all
certifications for esthetic skin procedures, along with various supplementary courses. In 2008, she
attended Empire Medical Training, focusing on Injectable and Dermal filler procedures that included
Cosmetics as well as Reconstructive medicine.
Her vision and dedication have provided Dr. Vazquez with the technical tools necessary to extend her
practice beyond routine procedures. This expertise has allowed her to add other services to her practice
including but not limited to:
Botulinum Toxins Treatment, BOTOX, XEOMIN, DYSPORT, Dermal Fillers (RESTYLANE,
JUVEDERM, RADIESSE), Sclerotherapy, PRP (Plasma Rich Platelets) for facial procedures and hair
With many years of experience, love for her profession, and passion for what she does, Dr. Vazques’s
practice will be an excellent experience for everyone. Her patients will be not only satisfied but also
confident that Dr. Vazques’s professional hands will grant them the results that they are aiming for.

Personal Education

To Provide Comprehensive Quality Care

-Doctor of Medicine Degree (University of Havana, Cuba)
-Family Medicine Specialty (University of Havana, Cuba)
-Family Medicine Internship (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
-Certifications: ECFMG, Empire Medical Training 

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